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AUD210 Week 8: Remix Planning

For my EDM assessment, I will be remixing a track called Focus. It is a piano-based, melodic, teen-pop song by a young Australian artist called Mackenzie Walker. SAE classmates of mine produced it for their AUD115.3 assessment last trimester. Bailey, from said group, was kind enough to give me the stems. I was interested in working with this song for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I remembered being very impressed by Mackenzie’s voice and songwriting style. For a young artist, she’s 16 years old, there is a level of maturity to her singing style, and the lyrics are honest and baring. Secondly, the production on the original track was quite minimal and acoustic, which are elements I think I will enjoy working with for my first remix.



For my remix, I will be aiming for a genre of electronic music called Folktronica. This is a catchall term for artists who use a combination of mechanical dance beats and elements of acoustic rock or folk. The sound I am hearing in my head could also fall into Ambient House or Chill-out genres. I am far from familiar with all of the various, seemingly neverending, genres under the Electronic music umbrella, but from what I can tell, Folktronica is what I am hoping to end up with. I am a life-long acoustic musician, and it makes sense to blend this in with my developing relationship with EDM. Also, it turns out that without even knowing, I have been a big fan of Folktronica for some time. One artist, or group thereof, who I am very fond of, and will most definitely be using as inspiration for my remix, is Vera Blue. 



Vera Blue is made up of Australian folk singer/songwriter Celia Pavey (The Voice Australia) and Australian producing super-siblings, The Mak Brothers, Andy and Thom. The three combined their powers during a writing camp a few years ago, and have had nothing but success ever since. The electronic production and songwriting skills of Andy and Thom Mak, mixed with the hauntingly beautiful voice and songwriting style of Pavey, were the exact ingredients needed to make the perfect, cross-genre magic. I love the fact that the songs stay true to the voice and guitar that birthed them while elevating the elements into another dimension with precision production. The end result in my opinion is everything one should want in modern music. Soft meets hard, past meets future, skin meets metal. This is what I will be going for with the fragile, shaky pianos and vocals from Focus. 


I haven’t had a huge amount of direction from Bailey, who gave me the stems, and I do not have contact with Mackenzie at all. I will endeavour to keep Bailey up to date and to correspond with him my plans and progression, but I feel as though he doesn’t have any particular expectations from me as far as being a client is concerned. This means I will be viewing this as a remix project that I have creative control over, with my end goal being that both Bailey and Mackenzie are proud, happy, and impressed with what I am able to deliver.