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AUD 210 Week 10: Jingles Project Timeline

This is my timeline for the AUD210 jingles assessment. This is a very rough outline as it is difficult at this stage to be able to map out my time exactly due to the large amount of work due in before the end of the trimester, my sporadic work schedule, and the fact that this is partially a group assignment, which makes setting dates far in advance very difficult. 

My group and I have already spent time together discussing numerous options for the trailer portion of the assessment. We have done this both in class, and via email, phone, and our Trello page (link below). After much discussion, we have decided to redesign the sound for the trailer to Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 psychological thriller, Pi. 


We have so far organised to meet at Anthony’s house in Niddre at 1 pm on Monday, December 4th to start on composition and recording of the music for the trailer, along with, time permitting, sound effects and some dialogue. We have chosen to do this at Anthony’s because he has a large amount of synthesiser equipment; necessary to create the type of soundscape we are aiming for. Once we have a first session done, we will be in a better position to plan further ahead. Any work still to be completed after Monday will be discussed and divided between us for completion before the end of the week. We are confident we will be able to get the large majority of our trailer complete during our first session, with the right amount if planning, of course. I will likely use my acting and voiceover experience as my main contribution to the group work, along with my knowledge of music theory and performance. As the trailer has a running time of 1:36, I will be completing two advertisement jingles outside of the group to make up the four required minutes. The first advert I will be recreating sound for is the 2017 John Lewis Christmas ad, entitled Moz The Monster.  


I plan to compose and record a score for this, consisting of guitar and piano by the end of this week, then I will source and record all the required Foley and sound effects by early next week, leaving time to mix the project before the end of the week. I intend to source as many pre-recorded sound effects as possible for the sake of timesaving and will record any that I can’t find myself at home or in the SAE studios, depending on availability. Because of the 2:11 length of this TVC, along with the trailer discussed above, leaves me short of the required four minutes, I will also be recreating the audio for this 2014 PG Tips ‘Digger’ advert, starring comedian Johnny Vegas.



The timeline for this will be the same as the plan above, sourcing Foley and sound effects this week, and composing and recording some music too. Next week, I intend to meet up with my cousin who is a professional voiceover artist and record him performing the necessary dialogue. Again, it is hard for me to say exact days I will be doing each element, as my job has extremely sporadic hours and I will have to be flexible as to precisely when I can complete things.





Still to be discussed is the design and creation of our company website. This will be implemented during our full day session on Monday. Any time that one of us isn’t in the driving seat, so to speak, we can be working on this in the background. 

Our Trello page can be found via the button below.