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AUS220 Week 11: C-I-You-Know-That's-Due-Next-Week-Right?

Okay, so I may have mentioned stress and obligations in earlier posts. Well I take it all back. This time right now, right here, is as stressful and hectic as it gets. With just two weeks left of the trimester, the heat is up full ball. We have to have our demo project ready for mixing by next Thursday, we have to absolutely be putting the finishing touches on our podcasts, and I just decided to leave my CIU group and fly solo, meaning I have about 12 days to conceive, write, plan, film, edit, and design my CIU Interdisciplinary project. Now that's a full plate.


We spend our second to last intensive in the Neve this week tracking vocals for our track. We started by lining up a range of different microphone's and discussing different recording techniques and processes with Wilko. I have fortunately had a fair amount of experience with this in my career, but not so much from the production side of the glass. It was great to hear Wilko's process and learn a bit about listening to a performer's voice from various angles, assessing their unique timbre and tone. We started with Joel, who is a trained opera singer, and tried him out on all the mics. It was great to critically listen to each mic and how it responded to Joel's sound, although I do feel we maybe spent too long on this and it cost us later in the day. Then, myself and Aldi laid down some takes. As we are emulating the boyband sound of the 1990's, it was important that we had several different voices to play with.. It makes the track sound much fuller and more interesting. This is especially true when considering how vastly different our singing styles are. Joel with his opera, Aldi with his wonderful accent, and me as a pop/rock singer. We got some great results, but we did run out of time and I would have liked to spend more time on the performances and nailing certain parts, like harmonies for instance. But my confidence and speed on the Neve is really good now and I'm comfortable to say I know my way around it pretty well. I'm also still recording some freelance work on it so I'm getting plenty of hours of practice. 


Our podcast about the last 40 years of Melbourne's music scene is coming along really great. We've gone a little over the 20 minute mark but our research and content is so thorough that it really was hard to cut it back any more. We have worked great as a team and divided up different jobs and responsibilities well. As of week 11, we are completely tracked and edited and ready for mixing. We have a studio booked on Monday of week 12 for us all to sit around and mix the project together. I think Teebo will be wrapped with our end product. We really went to town on the research side of things, so our narrative is very strong. We have also been totally blessed with the amount of archive audio we have been able to source; really clear, authentic audio that suits our story perfectly. All the audio we have used throughout the podcast is authentic and really from the time and place that it sits with in the dialogue. We set out to make a radio documentary style podcast and we have totally nailed it. It sounds as though it wouldn't be out of place on BBC Radio 4 or ABC Radio. I'm very proud of it. I poured a lot of myself into this as I do with all my work and when it turns out just right it is very satisfying. There's of course things I would do differently next time, but I've learnt those lessons, and isn't that the point after all?

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 5.03.05 pm.png

This is a still shot of my friend and fellow actor Stavros Psoras from the film I am making for my CIU interdisciplinary project. The film is entiltled Mediate This, and looks at the numerous and ongoing debates surrounding the effects of violent video games on society. I had initially conceived and written a script and projection for a short film about mainstream culture, but I forfeited that project due to difficulties I had working with certain members of my group. This was a regrettable decision and not one I made lightly, but was certainly for the best for me, creatively and emotionally. However, it did mean requesting permission to do the project on my own, permission that came through a mere two weeks before the deadline. So, It meant I had to first think up another idea for this assessment. Once I had heard the lecture and dialectical inquiry on mediated violence, I thought this would be an interesting idea to explore. I then scripted, for the second time, a short, satirical film, this time surrounding this new topic. As time was tight, I immediately storyboarded the film, and enlisted the help of a photographer friend, and a couple actors who I knew would be free at short notice. Then I had to source the equipment. As audio students are unable to hire film equipment from SAE, I had to hire the lights etc. externally. This was quite costly but I take huge pride in my work and was not going to do this project half-assed just because of time or money. I still ran into plenty of problems, including rewriting the script the morning of the shoot due to an actor dropping out, but I got it in the can. I did all of the location audio recording myself, whilst simultaneously directing and acting in the piece too. It was a big learning curve and a stressful day but I got it done. I am yet to complete the post production aspect of editing and sound design, but the visuals look great. I was able to capture good performances, and due to the high level of planning, it was a fairly smooth and enjoyable experience. I will have to work very quickly in post production to have it done by next Friday, but I am confident I will get it done. It will be the most incredible achievement if I do, as I have never done anything on this scale before, let alone in under two weeks. For however dissapointed I am in how my first group attempt worked out, I will be very proud if I pull this off.